Where do I find my inspiration?

People often ask me where I find my inspiration for my handmade beaded jewellery. The answer is simple; as well as being inspired by beautiful beads themselves, I also find inspiration in the world around me. I love the outdoors & I love travelling, and you encounter such fantastic colour combinations in things like flowers, sunsets, feathers, spices, landscapes, temples, historic paintings, seascapes & fabrics for example, that it’s actually fairly difficult for me to go out & about without feeling inspired!

One example of this is when I saw a photograph of a kingfisher & absolutely fell in love with the turquoise, orange & cream colours together. This photograph inspired the Tosca Necklace pictured here, which is made from turquoise, orange Swarovski crystals and ivory Swarovski crystal pearls:

Tosca Necklace inspiration

As another example, having bought some beautiful blue topaz gemstone chips while on holiday in Jaipur in India, I decided to put them together with a fairly unusual combination of beige & grey along with some blues, to create the Blue Topaz Necklace pictured below. This really reminded me of a beach with different coloured pebbles, with the sparkle of the crystals evoking the sun shining on the blue of the water, as shown in this photo I took in Italy:

Blue Topaz Necklace inspiration


Asia is definitely a favourite destination of mine, & when I found these gorgeous hand-painted ceramic beads I couldn’t resist! Using these beads I created the gorgeous Shanghai Necklace pictured below. The beads remind me of other crafts, such as these fabulous lanterns that I found while wandering around taking in the culture in Hong Kong:

Shanghai Necklace inspiration

I have had the opportunity to visit some wonderful places this year, so keep an eye out for new handmade beaded jewellery designs to come, that will no doubt be inspired by these photos I have taken in Berkshire, Italy & India. Enjoy! xxx


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